How to create a group chat in viber?

Viber is another chatting application like WhatsApp, it works on internet access rather than the mobile network. You can send multiple messages, you can send pictures, You can call as well with this application. Here we are discussing How to create a group chat in viber.

 Step to install viber:

  • First, you have to download viber.
  • For that visit Google play, if you are iPhone user get this from the iTune app store.
  • On for the viber, that will show you the list of application.
  • Select the viber, this will appear at the first.

  • Then click on the install button.
  • After that, it will start downloading that application.
  • This process takes time.
  • After that, it will install that application.
  • Once the application is completely installed on your phone it will notify you.
  • Accept term and condition. And then start making the group.
  • If you have already viber application installed on your phone.
  • Open application.

  • Go to the chat list. Do this by tapping the chat button (talk bubble icon) on the upper-left corner of the screen.

  • Just select the people you want to add to a group.
  • Click on the checkbox the names of the person you want to include on your “Contact List”. 


  • Click on done. 


  • Start the chat. Type in your message and tap the paper plane icon on the right side to send it. 


  • Add participants. Tap the “Options” button by tapping on the gear icon on the upper-right corner of the chat window. 


I hope this article helped you if you have any query like this just give us your feedback on our forum.




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