How to copy and paste on android?

Using android phone gives you so many outstanding features, if you are browsing on the internet and you want to copy the text from there but you don’t know how to do that , but here in this post we will tell you about the complete process of How to copy and paste on android, check out here.

Steps to How to copy and paste on android:

Here are the complete steps of How to copy and paste on android.

The first step is you need to do a long press on the text you want to highlight. So that the word you pressed will be highlighted.



With the two blue buttons, you can now adjust what words exactly you want to highlight.



 furthermore,to copy the text you need to click on the two rectangles in the top bar.



Next thing, to paste the text, simply open some notepad, or text messaging app and long press on the text field.



When Paste comes, you need to click on it and then you have to copy the text will be pasted.



I hope you understand the complete method of how to copy and paste if you are using android phone, for more information and latest updates visit our website latest


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