How to clear your browser cache on an iPhone?

As you search out in your iPhone, it can store information about different site you visited, cache is in your phone that store information, cache is great for quickly loading pages, but it will eat up your phone’s free space. It is an option in your browser to clear your browser cache on an iPhone, here in this post we will tell you about How to clear your browser cache on an iPhone.

Steps of How to clear your browser cache on an iPhone:

Here are the complete steps of How to clear your browser cache on an iPhone, check out.


First you need to access the setting application on your phone. 




Then once you go to the setting, there you find an option of “Safari”.




Then, you need to go to the advance.




Then once you click on advance there you find website data.




Click on edit.( you can find edit option on the left side in the bar)




Then click on done, this will delete all the browser data, and your cache is completely clear after doing all the steps.



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