How to change default settings on android?

First of all I am making it clear for those who don’t what is default setting, basically,  it is refers to the already existing setting of a user-configurable setting that is assigned to a software application. It means if you installed two or multiple application for the same purpose of use, then it will ask you to which you need to use to perform that assigned task, As we found that many people want to know how to change default settings on android, here in this post we will tell you about how you can set default settings.

Steps of How to change default settings on android:

Here are the complete steps of how to change default settings on android, follow these steps.

Note: for showing you the procedure we apply the process on a single application, but remember that it is same for all the applications so far.


First you need to open a phone.




Then you need to go the settings.




Next thing you have to do is, go to the application or apps.


Once you visited the application option, there you find the default application, click on that.




Once you click on default applications, it shows you different options like Brower app, calling app messaging app or set as default.




Here we are telling you about messaging application so click on it. It already selected built in messages applications.




If you need to change it, click on GO SMS PRO.



Hope that you got this tutorial, for more information about different applications and latest Smartphone visits our website Latest Mobile.


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