How to block mobile numbers in Viber?

Many of us are so much busy in their lives; we don’t have much time to spend on messages, even on call. But on the other hand, some people love to send text messages; they also send you different type of forward messages. if you are annoyed with all these and you don’t need to bother with all of them, we Latest Mobile  team want to tell you how you can easily avoid those people, all you have to do is just pursue the certain steps in this way you can easily block mobile numbers in viber.

Steps of to block mobile numbers in Viber:

Here is the solution of your query, how to block mobile numbers in viber, go through the complete procedure.


First you need to access your phone, before starting the procedure. 




This is for the viber user, so make sure you have already installed viber application in your phone. 




Then on the home screen you find the viber application, click on to open it. 




Once you click on it. It shows you the main screen. 




If you are that, you find a three line on the left side on the menu bar. This is more option.




Click on these lines, to access the setting. Click on the settings.




There you find a privacy setting, click on it.





Once you access the privacy settings, there you find “block” options.




Next, click on block list, there you find a plus sign (+) click on it to block number.



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