How To Block A Number On Your Phone?

Android applications are a very interactive way of communication and you can do much more. But the problem we have is anybody contacts us without having any problem.

In any case, they permit any individual who has your number to get in touch with you whether you want the contact or, excluding from telemarketers and other individuals you truly simply don’t have any desire to converse with. Numerous Android phone producers incorporate gadget to effectively piece approaching calls from particular contacts.

Here we are discussing and we will tell you how you can block the person’s contact number which you don’t want to contact.

For Samsung smartphone:



  • Click on the phone icon which is on your phone’s home screen.
  • Select the number which you want to block.
  • Then tap more on the top right corner.
  • Click on the auto reject options appear over there.
  • This totally blocks the calls from the number; your phone won’t right, you won’t display a missed call, they can’t leave a voice message.
  • To reject a number from the Auto-Reject List, go to Settings, tap “Call Settings”, then “All Calls”, and after that “Auto Reject”. From that point, tap “Auto dismiss rundown” to see and deal with the current auto-dismiss numbers.
  • You can likewise utilize the “Auto reject list” to block any private/unknown numbers that attempt to call you. From the rundown, tap the left directing bolt at the upper left of the screen, then tap the check box next toward “unknown”.

For iPhone:



  • You can block a number on iPhone as well.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to phone block.
  • Press on Add new.
  • Select it which you wish to block.
  • The contact appears on the contact list.
  • Recent calls or text messages.
  • Go to the settings.
  • You can choose phone and message.
  • You can then view your block list from there.
  • Either add or remove it.

Another method to block the number using application:

  • Just install any third party app like truecaller, Call blocker, Mr. Number and etc.
  • With these applications, you can easily block the number.
  • Enter block list on truecaller.
  • Go to the “Block” section of the Truecaller app.
  • Tap “My Block List”, then tap the add button to add a number.
  • Alternatively, many antivirus apps that you may already have on your mobile device, such as Avast, offer to call blocking functions.


I hope this article helps you in blocking unwanted calls, which annoyed many of you. So if you are looking for more technology related news visits our forum latest mobile.


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