How to add audio into video in iPhone?

Most of the times we want to add audio into video; so many people asked us about this query. Now  in this tutorial post we will tell you How to add audio into video in iPhone.You can add background music, special effects, or your own recorded audio through iMovie.

Steps to How to add audio into video in iPhone:

Here are the steps add audio into video in iPhone, check it out.

Step:1 First, of all you need to download iMovie.

Step:2 Click on to Add audio button, and then click on Audio.

Step:3 Click, on Sound Effects.

Step:4 If you want to listen to a sound effect before adding it, click on the item.

Step: 5If you need to add a sound effect to your movie project, click on the name, then, click Use.



I hope you got this how to add audio into video in iPhone, if you need to find Smartphone specification and also you need to know about different apps visit our website.


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