How Apple Can Become a Media Giant in 2017

Without having doubt, in the upcoming 12 months, the world of technology, media will meet significantly nearer than they have in 2016. For Apple to stay in contact, and sometimes remain in front of its rivals, it should completely grasp this reality. Apple’s media giant in New Year’s determination ought to be to begin having a similar outlook as a media company.

Here are the means by which it can do that.

Invest in quality content for Apple TV:



  • Bits of rumor about Apple putting valid cash into unique content began back in March yet never appeared to get much past that stage.
  • Netflix and Amazon have started to demonstrate that interest in unique substance pays profits.
  • Apple has the money; now it needs to spend it on Apple’s media giant it may be shrewdly or it dangers being totally deserted.

Secure more exclusive deals for Apple music:




  • One of the greatest points of interest of  Music over Spotify is that Apple has secured exclusively manages real deals.
  • With Spotify increasing its diversion by getting unique content like podcasts, needs to use its exceptionally capable position in the music business.
  • It needs to keep on trying for the best singer into its music stage.
  • This gives individuals motivation to give Apple US$9.99 a month rather than Spotify.

Build video publishing platform:




  • On account of making the best customer and expert level video editing tool around.
  • Apple is the leader in making the video.
  • In any case, its challenger Google possesses the key platform for sharing video.
  • Apple ought to dive in and construct a competitor to YouTube to secure itself as the real sight and sound brand.

Find the next Social platform:



  • In the period of Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat Stories and Twitter video, web-based social networking and conventional media are progressively exchangeable.
  • Obviously, finding the following enormous player is less demanding.
  • Putting resources into a solid matter based startup would be great in itself.
  • As well as get social aptitudes to Apple, a zone where it generally has been inadequate.

Streaming services:



  • The physical TV is dead.
  • In any case, that does not imply that Apple couldn’t think of a Netflix-style on request benefit.
  • This is something that the company has previously been supposed to deal with.
  • It would likewise secure in pleasantly with Apple TV.

Before the end of 2017, the contrasts amongst media and Tech Company will be considerably harder to recognize than they are today. By making New Year resolutions, Apple can abstain from being neglected by the opponent.


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