Google Pixel 2 – specifications, features and its prices:

Google went out great in the field of the smartphone, here in this post we will tell you about Google Pixel 2 have two variant phones as well that is Pixel and Pixel XL. The features of Google Pixel 2, specifications, features and its prices.

Google Pixel 2 – specifications, features, and its prices:

Here are the complete details about Google Pixel 2, specifications, features and its prices.




The processor also gets, and Google has apparently been testing models with both Snapdragon 835 and Intel chips.


The Google Pixel 2 this means this phone is dustproof and also protected against spraying water, but not water-resistant.


The camera of this phone is more improved according to the source, not in terms of the megapixel count but in the number of extra features. Google particularly focus on getting low-light photography right.


As the money value is important, If we talk about the price this phone comes with £599.

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