Google Fixes User Tracking Issue in Pixel Smart phones

Google,  we all know about Google and its achievements its world fastest Brower which have the answer to all our queries.Google have its own data centers as well.

Moreover, Google has its Smartphones as well.  In its Google Pixel Smartphones have found user tracking issue in that.

on the other side,Google engineering found a serious privacy bug which is an android operating system installed on the latest hit Google Pixel Smartphones.

How Google Pixel Smartphones issue fixes:

According to the Google Senior software engineer Alex Klyubin.

on the other side, Google Senior software engineer analyze that the serial number for each Pixel camera sensor was saved inside “,” a file that stores other system properties.

Google Senior software engineer Alex Klyubin found the issue which is that the serial number is unique as per camera sensor.

That means for every single phone. Also, however in this way encourage user following.

Things considered cases, portable sponsors and application creators could utilize this number to recognize diverse user with a high level of exactness.

Furthermore,this means the Android OS will have the capacity to peruse the serial number.

on the other hand, most important thing is user and bolster staff utilizing ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

however,no applications introduced on the user phone.

moreover,this overhaul has pushed to the Android Marlin branch.

The off camera name was sent to the Android (Nougat) variant introduced on Google Pixel smartphone and Pixel XL telephones.

Conclusion Google Pixel Smartphones:

however to analyze this issue is not a problem for Google, as Google have many talented engineers as well.

Google propelled the Pixel smartphones on October 4, 2016, amid the current year’s occasion.

The Google Pixel smartphones are a piece of Google’s Pixel line that the Chromebook Pixel portable workstations.

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