Google Assistant Is Coming To Android Phones As Early As This Week

Google is moving so fast and rolling out the new products for their user. Google is now announced its own Google assistant for android 6 marshmallow an android 7 Nougat. Later on, the Google Assistant was only available on Google’s Pixel phones, Home personal assistant, Allo messaging app and Android wear devices.

Google Assistant:



It is now working on machine and learning based natural language processing which they have used to power speech recognition system.

Moreover, Google Assistant is research to enable two-way, context-sensitive, conversational interactions between the user and the phones.

The Assistant syncs across devices and apps like Allo and Google Calendar and it allows voice-control of enabled smart-home devices.

The Assistant can be started by saying “OK Google” or by doing a long-press of the Home button.

Furthermore, The Google Assistant will go to rolling out this week to the user in the U.S.

The Google promised that it will continue to add more languages in the upcoming year.

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