Game Tools for Samsung user- Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge

Samsung phones are all time favorite because they have so many features in that? Here we talked about Samsung galaxy s7 this is an outstanding phone, we can say that a complete package for all the users and Samsung fans. And these phones are best for the gamers because they have the game tool as well.

Turning on Game Tools activates:

These game tools allow you easy access to a bunch of really important settings. That you need for the gaming.

It allows you to toggle the Game Tools icon without going back to Settings and also lets you launch a game muted if you’re in a quiet place, or quickly turn on power saving modes.

Ultimately, it allows you to keep an uncluttered home screen while still giving you an access to all of your favorite games.

How you can turn on Game Tools:

Both Game tools and Game Launcher are turned off by default, so you’ll need to go into Settings to turn them on.

Open Settings from your home screen and or app drawer.



Swipe up to scroll down.



Click on Advanced Features.



Click on the Games.



Then click next on Game Mode or Game Launcher to here you find more about their features and find the toggle switch for on or off.



 Click on the switch to turn Game Mode on.



In this way you can play games with additional features as well, I hope you like our article for more information about other updates related to technology, applications, and phones visit our blog you can find on our official website.


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