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As we are living in the age where we are moving so fast, every day we have seen so many advancements in the world of the technology. So in this year 2017, we have already spent one week of this year. Some of us decided to achieve fitness goal in this year.  Where we lack off when we start to achieve diet and fitness goal? is having less time. Now a day’s people are busy in their life so they don’t focus on fitness as they have to. But fitness and health related activity are very necessary for all of us.

Now with Google Calendar app you can solve your fitness issue, with Google calendar app all you have to do is just install Google or you can update the Google Calendar application and Google will deal with following and planning of your fitness goal.

Last year Google introduced Google Calendar app.

Fitness with Google Calendar app:



With this Google Calendar app you find free time, this calendar and schedule activities such as running, working out, reading or walking.

With the new update, you can interface Apple Health and Google Fit to your fitness objectives in Google Calendar.

This cut the requirement for physically marking your goal “done” without fail.

When you do, action in your most loved fitness applications will be recorded and used to mark your objectives in Google Calendar as “done” naturally, says Florian Goerisch, Product Manager of Google Calendar.

Google calendar app also gives you new visual execution tracker will demonstrate how you are getting along with your fitness objectives.

With this mix, future objective circumstances will be significantly more custom fitted when you’re trying to finish it up.

The component works with both Android (Google Fit) and iOS (Apple Health) gadgets.

I hope this article will help you to get updated with technology and also regarding with fitness.


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