Facebook users used “love” instead of “like” just to express their reaction?

Facebook as everyone knows now, it’s a social media platform. This allows the user to connect with their friends and family.  Facebook is now growing more rapidly and moreover is working on different features as well.

Facebook users used “love” instead of “like”:



Facebook has revealed how its reaction Emoji buttons are becoming more influential than ‘likes’ in determining what content appears in your News Feed.

Facebook says that a user reacting with the love, sad or angry Emoji is an indicator that a person feels more strongly so it simply hit on like.

It has also exposed that it’s most popular reaction Emoji, with ‘love’ triumphing over ‘sad and hate’ in the past 12 months.

The love heart Emoji for more than half of the 300 billion reactions used globally. People love to use reaction Emojis more than the like one.

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