Facebook Privacy and Security- tips you need to know about

Facebook privacy and security- tips you need to know about: that will surely secure your phone this is mainly arising on latest mobile-the knowledge sharing forum here listed question is answered by our community in a creative manner.

 Securing social media is very important, as it contains your personal data as well, the largest social media that we used is Facebook, so here we will cover Facebook privacy and security. These two play vital role.

If you ever tried to customize your Facebook privacy, if you go through the steps you can find hard there are multiple steps listed to go the privacy settings.

Many of us posted many personal things, and wasted a lot of time on Facebook to tag their friends, for sharing photos, people on Facebook share pictures of your fast-food lunch or watching videos. Here we will tell you about different tips Facebook privacy and security.



As this is a big issue and many times people raised this question on our Latest Mobile forum, so we decided to come up with few tips that will help you out to secure your facebook privacy and security in a better way.

Tips Facebook privacy and security:

Here in this section we will discuss Tips Facebook privacy and security, check it out.

Facebook privacy and security-Look up your profile like other do:

If you know that how your profile looks like and you can approach your current Facebook setup is, then you decided to what changes you need to make in your profile setting or what stuff people see on your profile by customizing sharing options. And to view your profile like other views it.

First, navigate to the top-right corner, hit off the Privacy Settings, and select Timeline and Tagging in the left side.

Next, you need to click View As to the right of “Review what other people see on your timeline” in the “Who can see things on my timeline?”.

Then click on okay to close the pop-up window, if necessary. Your timeline will then appear as the public sees it.

If you want to limit the access to you friend on the timeline, the public will see your profile or cover photos.

The public only sees your cover photo, the people you are following or you are in the same group.

If you wish to change who can view your timeline return to Facebook’s Timeline and Tagging settings.

Click Edit to the right of who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline.

Who can see what others post on your timeline? Select the desired option you wish from the menu.

Facebook privacy and security-Browse in a secure way:

Facebook adds on to its security section, it makes the browsing secure by default.

Just to check you are using the secure browsing, hit on to the Security on the left side of Facebook’s Account Settings and make sure Secure Browsing is permitted.

The facebook security also allows you enable log-in notifications and approvals.

You can also find the recognize device option, to remove a device.

Click Edit to the right and then remove next to the device’s entry, to end one or all active Facebook sessions.

Click Edit to the right of Active Sessions and choose End Activity or End All Activity in the same way.

Facebook privacy and security-Customize your timeline and tags:

You can already determine who can see your timeline or your post, but this is one step more you can block people as well from adding things to your timeline.

You can also review photos someone tried to tag you in the Timeline and Tagging Settings. Who can post to my timeline? And, Who can add things to my timeline? You need to select their Friends and Only Me. To enable assess of posts you’re tagged in before they appear, click Edit which is on right of the entry and select Enable from the menu.

“How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?” you can enable the feature on tour privacy settings that allows you to review tags people add to your own posts before they appear.



Facebook privacy and security-Limit you facebook stuff:

You can limit your facebook stuff as well, way into your past and future Facebook posts.

You need to hit to the Privacy on the left side of the Account Settings. There you need to select Limit Past Posts “Who can see my posts?” and Edit to the right of “Who can see your future posts?”.

There you can also find the option “who can contact me”?  You can limit friend requests as well and moreover filter the messages you receive.

You can also limit your e-mail address and phone number.

Facebook privacy and security-Don’t allow any app to collect your data:

There are many apps that will collect your personal data, don’t allow them to collect it because it will disturb your privacy settings.

These apps collect your personal photos and messages, as well as some of the profile and activities of your friends.

To check your Facebook app permissions, click Apps in the Account Settings menu.

Choose Edit to the right of the app’s entry, and change the app’s visibility, or click “Remove app” at the bottom of the entry.

Hope you really like this Facebook privacy and security post as this post contain everything you need to know, for more information about technology or other apps and for the complete iPhone listing check out Latest Mobile.


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