Facebook is now testing a new reaction feature in messenger

Ahhh..!!!  facebook as well familiar with this, it is mostly used social media platform. Have so many features for the users.  Facebook roll out the reaction features a year ago, but facebook missed a most important reaction in that, that is dislike reaction. Here in this article, we will discuss Facebook is now testing a new reaction feature in messenger.

Facebook is now testing a new reaction feature:



Facebook is now testing this dislike reaction as I mentioned above, and working on it. Hope this feature will roll out soon for the user.

Facebook is now testing out a thumb down the reaction, but this won’t available for the posts.  This feature is available for the Facebook Messenger.

This feature allows the user to add different emojis in their conversation, it is same as you have for the post, the six reactions but a one add-on reaction will now available as well that is dislike reaction.

As this feature is a most wanted feature, people requested for this dislike feature. I hope you like this post, and for more news about facebook and different apps visit our blog post.


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