Facebook add on a city guide feature in its application

Facebook a social media giant, every time roll out amazing features to their users. That’s the reason people love facebook. It is now taken a virtual tour guide to help users to find out the best place a city has to offer this feature is roll out for its iOS user first.

Facebook add on a city guide feature:



This feature is called city guide as I already mention above.

This feature provides users with recommendations for the places to go.

Also, the things to do while visiting a city that help them plan their vacation.

With this city guide feature, users won’t exit to the Facebook app, and it won’t launch other apps like Yelp and etc.

When you searched for a different restaurant, this City Guides features head to you into the recently launched Recommendations.

Where friends can suggest and they enjoyed that place.

Facebook start testing this feature, this feature is going to roll out earlier this year for a selected user.

Now available with an update to its iOS app, users can explore the city-based recommendations for themselves by clicking on Explore icon, scroll down until they see “City Guides.”

After selecting a city, the user able to see the current time and temperature there, this includes things like parks, restaurants, bars, and other popular attractions.

Users can also click on a location to learn more about it, including read reviews, browse photos, watch videos, and learn about upcoming events.

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