Clean Master for Android Phone- these will help you to Boost up your Android:

Clean master for android phone- these will help you to boost up your android- that will surely secure your phone this is mainly arising on latest mobile-the knowledge sharing forum here listed question is answered by our community in a creative manner.

As having android phones bring fun in your life, and make your life easier. Because it provides lots of functionalities, features like different messaging apps, picture editing, games, antivirus, and cleaner for your phone.

As many people asked on Latest Mobile forum, that how they can boost or clean their phone and again they can feel like having the new un-touch phone by using diverse Clean master for android phone.



As the devices like laptop, PC and Smartphone’s having so many invisible apps running on to it that will eat the memory of your device and make it slower, cleaning apps are those which will help you to boost up your phone and kill all those processes which are working on the back and make your Smartphone slow.

Here in this blog post, we will guide them about how they can clean their phone and make it faster as they have before.

Clean master for android phone:

Here is the list of a different clean master for android phone, go through it thoroughly.

  • Clean master (cleaner)
  • CC Cleaner
  • App Cache Cleaner
  • 1 Tap CleanerZ
  • Root Cleaner
  • CPU Tuner
  • BetterBatteryStats
  • 3c Toolbox / Android Tuner
  • Device Control
  • DU Speed Booster

There are 10 clean masters for android phone applications, check it out.

Clean master (cleaner)

Clean master for android phone, is the best application for every Smartphone user. It is widely used application all around the world, having extensive features as well, best app that people recommend you. Having good UI so this also attracts the user to use it.


Good interface for the users, user-friendly and also provide anti-virus protection.


Having not many features for the expert user so far.



CC Cleaner

CC Cleaner is very good cleaning application which is used by many android users, providing same functionality by cleaning the extra space in your phone. Other features also make it a great cleaner application to have in your Smartphone.


Having additional features like app manager, CPU, RAM and storage meters, and battery booster.


Not contain advanced features for expert users.



App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner as the named suggests that it clear the cache of your phone. The apps store these files for quick launch but for the certain period after once it is piled and taking extra memory it will kill all these. It tells you once the cache in your phone is overload.


It is easy to use application, with a single touch to clean all the memory.


Have the limit to only clean up the cache of your phone.



1 Tap Cleaner

This is another app clean master for android, as the named suggest it fully optimizes your device and clean it properly on a single tap. The feature of this 1 Tap Cleaner includes a call log cleaner, cache cleaner and also have cleaning default options for apps.


Having multiple features like perfect UI, user-friendly.


Limited features.



Root Cleaner

As you can see the named suggested it will first ask you to root your phone before using this, it is a paid application, having extensive features.  It has two ways to clean up your phone, quick clean and fully clean. Quick clean work same as we have in other apps with a single click to boost your device and free up some space in your cache.


Beyond the limits of ordinary cleaning application.


It is not free apps like other we do have and required to root your device.

CPU Tuner:

This CPU Tuner is the free application which allows you go into your phone CPU settings and optimized your phone. It will also provide you better battery performance.  CPU Tuner needs the root permission to run.


It is the very good application for the advanced user who wishes to see the internal process of their phones.


Require rooting the device make user annoyed.

3c Toolbox / Android Tuner

It is much similar like CPU Tuner like to root before going into depth setting along with so many extensive features like task manager to manage or kill apps.  As I already told you this app contain lots of additional features but to use this app without knowing how to do it is useless.


Allows a user to check out the internal performance of your device.


It required root your device.



Device Control:

Device control is a great application, it manages and kills unnecessary things and clear your cache, it also allows you the access to go into the setting of the CPU and GPU of your device. As using this app without knowing it will give you harm.


Good for an expert user they can enjoy all its features in a good manner.


You need to root your device first before using it.




It also works same as the other application do, but the major feature this application have is it provide you battery usage and optimized the battery performance along with It detects the app that prevents a device from going into sleep mode and eat your battery.


It will provide you the reason of battery draining.


It is mainly battery optimization app rather than cleaning.



DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster it not just cleans up space in an Android but it has a Trash Cleaner for app cache, all these features make it a great all in one optimization tool you have.


Features like a game booster and to speed booster.


May crush the learner-user.



Hoping you understand the purpose of a clean master for android phone– these will help you to boost up your android, for more details about different apps and other Sony Smartphone listening visit our website, Latest Mobile.


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