Best Security Option for WiFi- That you should know

Security is the important factor we cannot ignore; either it is online security or network security because if the technology is growing, in the same way, the hackers are also growing their self by making or introducing new viruses and malware.

As we all have Smartphone that contains wifi, the topics which are covering up today is Best security option for wifi.




Moreover, Before using any wifi we have to check the wifi security first.

As the hacker are all around and they are looking for our vulnerabilities, so before setting up a wifi we have to first think about how to protect our wifi by using different wifi securities.

The security of your wifi is the very important thing, you have to It is really important to select the security type for the Wi-Fi.

The range of Wi-Fi is long and some people from your neighbor may also crack it if it is not secured.

So here we will tell you about Best security option for wifi, check it out.

History of wifi security:

In the year 1990s, Wi-Fi security algorithms have undergone multiple upgrades. If we turn to the history of Wi-Fi security highlight both.

What are the new wifi security algorithms and what are older techniques that we should avoid.



Best security option for wifi:

There are the different types of security option for wifi that are listed below, so go through it thoroughly.

  • WPA2 + AES
  • WPA + AES
  • WPA2 + TKIP
  • WPA + TKIP
  • WEP
  • Open Network (none)

These are some type of best security option for wifi, these will provide you the complete wifi security, nobody crack your wifi it your wifi is secured.


It is Wi-FI Protected Access 2 is a network security technology this commonly used on Wi-Fi wireless networks. AES stands for “Advanced Encryption Standard.”

This was a more secure encryption protocol introduced with WPA2, it’s a grave worldwide encryption standard that’s which is adopted by everyone in the world.


Moreover, It is Wi-FI Protected Access is an another network security this also used mainly used on Wi-Fi wireless networks, but WPA + AES is replaced by new WPA2 + AES.

AES stands for “Advanced Encryption Standard.” This was a more secure encryption protocol, this secure protocol along with WPA make it uncrackable.


Furthermore, It is a Wi-FI Protected Access 2 is a network security technology it is used on Wi-Fi wireless networks.

And TKIP is an older encryption version; TKIP stands for “Temporal Key Integrity Protocol. WPA2 + TKIP WPA2 is the network security and TKIP is the encryption techniques.


Furthermore, It is an algorithm Wi-FI Protected Access, it is used to secure wifi network.

So, it is encryption version which is used with is TKIP.

TKIP stands for “Temporal Key Integrity Protocol”.


However, It is network protected encrypted algorithm.

Furthermore, Which is most commonly used all around the world for wifi security.

WPA, like its predecessor WEP, designed to make it easy to link devices to modern access points.

Open Network (none):

Furthermore, Open network means as the name suggested that it is open for all, there is no security enable on to it, everybody used it.

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