Be Aware-Facebook Now Tracks Phones Location: How to Turn This Off

Facebook is the social media platform and mostly used application throughout the world. The famous social media is working on different features and every time comes with new things as well. Facebook is taking next level with the “people you may know “feature, into your phone’s location data. Here we will talk about Facebook Now Tracks Phones Location. Facebook Now Tracks Phones Location: Simply put, if at some point you were in the same location with another Facebook user, even if you don’t know, you might be seeing them as a suggested friend on the social network. I know that sound so creepy but despite the fact it’s true, Facebook is using phones’ location data to take note down of the people you meet and make it as suggested friends, whether you actually met them or just passed beside them. If you see a suggested friend which you don’t know them actually, but this could be it: location. However, this feature is useful for some Facebook users, those who don’t have an issue with tracking, others user will prefer disabling location of this application. To do so, you simply need to turn off the mobile location of your device for a certain app. How to Turn This Off (android) For those who want to disable this feature, they need to perform certain steps, check out here. First, go to the settings. Then head into apps. Over there, go to facebook. You find the Permissions and Location and toggle it off. How to Turn This Off (ios) For those ios who need to turn this off follow these steps. First, go to phone Settings Then go to Privacy There you find Location Services There you find Facebook and select Never from the options listed there. I hope this feature is sound so creepy, but that what facebook is doing to grow itself. For latest updates visit our website


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