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If we are out of our city, we are on another city for visiting, for meting even for vacations.  But the thing is we don’t know the places, we are known there we don’t know the accurate locations of that city….. If this is your situation that don’t worry you are on right place, if you are android phone user then it is very easy for you to tract the location. Here in this post we will tell you about How to use location tracker on android phone.

Steps of How to use location tracker on android phone:

Here are the complete steps of how to use location tracker on android phone, check it out.

Note: there are many applications available for this purpose, but here in this post we will tell you about the best application that is” Mobile GPS Location Tracker “.


First of all you need to access your phone home screen.




Then on the home screen there are many applications that are installed in your phone, but you need to find “GOOGLE PLAY STORE”.




Once you find the app store, then what next you need to do is, open it. 




Over there on the upper side you find a search bar, over there you need to write the application name that is” Mobile GPS Location Tracker”.




After searching for this applications, it shows you different result, keep in mind select the right one which I already told you” Mobile GPS Location Tracker “. 




Once you click on it, it will start downloading this application, download and installed it.





Then once the above process it done, then you can launch this application.




  • You can find the location.
  • You can also find route.
  • This application Location Tracker allows user to find Restaurants, ATMS, Hotels, Bank, Schools, Bus Station, University Post office, Cafe and Police station and much more.
  • With this application you can you can get very accurate speed by using GPS router.

Your query is solved now, How to use location tracker on android phone. For further details related to different Mobile phones visit our website


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