Apple watch series 3 may have one very bright future:

Apple is the big brand, and every time apple comes with new features, The Apple Watch Series 2 has been a success for Apple and came out with amazing reviews. The Daily Express claimed that with the Watch Series 2, it is finally time to buy a smart watch.

Apple Watch:



The Apple Watch 2 is finally here bringing new features and improvements to the world’s most popular smartwatch.

The Apple watch 2, the watch has the water-resistant design and GPS make it ideal for fitness fans.

According to rumored that even though features like Auto Unlock.Even though the battery life may not be perfect, that could change with one futuristic feature.

The report said that there are other new Watch features coming, but not all are limited to the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple is planning to add a new Theater Mode to the Apple Watch in the upcoming watchOS 3.2 update.

Theater mode easily allows users to mute the sound and stop waking the screen when raising your wrist.

In addition, Apple is trying to add Sirikit to watchOS 3.2.

According, Apple won’t share its exact Watch sales but we are hoping that it’s around 16 billion, At last,  I hope you like this article for more information the latest updates visit our website latest


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