Problems With The Pixel So Google Have To Fix With The Pixel 2

When we talk about the Google, and its smartphone Google Pixel is the first true phone. Previously there have been Nexus phones over the years, but The Pixel is a Google appear from end to end.

HTC just provided the manpower to manufacture it to make it. The outcome is a decent phone presumably the best Android phone you can get.

There are, nonetheless, still a few issues that keep individuals from purchasing.

Here are three issues (in light of a casual study of numerous irate web remarks) Google can and must to settle when it dispatches the following Pixel.

Have no water- resistance:



The main drawback about this Google pixel phone is, it has no water resistance.

While on the other hand, on the same price many brands like Samsung and many others are providing water resistance phone.

It’s appraised IP58, which means it can take a little sprinkle, however, drop it in water or take it out in heavy rain, and you’ll have an awful time.

There are a few recordings of individuals submerging their Pixels and thinking about out loud whether perhaps they are covertly water-safe.

That is not to any extent of the imagination how water harms functions.

Dunk your Pixel, and will have a terrible time.

Last word about Google Pixel:

Dislike water-safe phones are uncommon any longer. Google may have basically been in a hurry when making the Pixel.

Be that as it may, it’s conceivable to make a phone that looks great and is water resistance.

Take a look at the Galaxy S7, the period of port spreads is over. Google needs to come up with its water-resistance amusement.


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