How to solve battery wearing out issues?

The battery is a very important thing, in any smartphone. This is a common issue with all models of smartphones, truth is with more features and processing power, you need more power. If your phone battery needs to charge every 2-3 hours with regular usage, it’s time to buy another battery. Here are the steps that will help you How to solve battery wearing out issues.

Steps to how to solve battery wearing out issues.

Here are the steps of How to solve battery wearing out issues, Check it out.



Not used your phone when the battery percentage is about 15% and 20%.

The thing is to close all the apps that you are not using.

Then, Turn down screen brightness.

You need to turn off the extra things like wifi and Bluetooth when you are not using it.

If you need to listen to music whole day,  so you need to get a mp3 player for that.

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