Many times you are trying to sync android phones with google server it shows you an error. You sync your device for backup your contact list and other reasons as well. Many users face sync problem in android mobile. But here I find some solution for solving this problem. We will tell you in this post How to resolve syncing error with google.

Steps how to resolve syncing error with Google.

Here is the complete guideline for you, so that you can solve this syncing error with google server issue.

First, open your smartphone.

You need to Check your account password if you had recently changed.



then you need to update with the new password.



If the problem still chases you then Enable Airplane mode for 30 seconds and try again.



The other thing you can do is remove your Google account and add it again.



I hope you like this post and your problem is solved now, for further updates related to phone and latest apps updates visit our website latest


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